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Hvha is committed to make it easier to live for people
Suzhou HVHa Medical Technology Development Co., LTD is a comprehensive medical high-tech enterprise founded in 2005. With years of dedication and development, HVHa Medical technology has formed three business divisions (Wound care dressing, Surgical instruments, Medical daily necessities) and established 5 R&D centers (Paris, Belgium, Suzhou, Sweden, Beijing).
Vision: Integrating global resources with self-drive and continuously strive to make health more equal for everyone!
Strategic goal: Medical dressing serving over 100000 hospitals, Surgical instruments serving over 100000 hospitals, Daily medical necessities serving over 1 billion people!
Core value: Adhering to goodness and seeking for integrity!
We dedicate to quality first; continuous innovation and unlimited service more than 10 years, and appoint academician (from the Chinese Academy of Engineering) Xiaobing Fu to be the company's chief scientist. Gathered domestic research institutes, colleges and universities, pharmaceutical industry, production and management of technical elite and marketing backbone, enable enterprises gradually to set a leading technology R & D team, a modern & efficient production base and innovation & development of marketing services together, get into the scientific, institutionalized and standardized development track.
Patented formula from Germany laboratory, stable complex of sodium alginate + Ag2 +.. The sodium alginate is extracted from brown algae, it has excellent adsorptivity that can absorb liquid more than 17-20 times of its own weight, facilitating wound exudate absorption. The sodium alginate also allows water to come through its molecular structure and maintain a favorable moisture environment for faster healing process. In addition, its decent antimicrobial ability and film-forming property helps to significant pain alleviation.

The silver ion (Ag2 +.) with broad antibacterial spectrum, no drug resistance and long lasting effect, etc. It is widely used in the field of medicine, environmental protection, textile, cosmetics and so on. It’s antimicrobial rate up to 97% when applied with sodium alginate. Besides, sodium alginate and silver ion complex also inhibit excessive fibroblast proliferation and prevent scar formation.

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Our silver ion products with excellent quality, gradually laid the leading position in the fierce competition industry, have national invention patents, included in the Torch Plan issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, won the title of high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. Along with trials and hardships on the way, Hvha staff use their infinite enthusiasm to bring the smile and gospel for each patient. We are cherishing persistent beliefs, shouldering mission of society, fulling of societal pride, marching firm step towards a new bright future!