Core Components:Ag2++Sodium alginate

Patented Technology:Complex effect, long-lasting antibacterial


Physical antimicrobial effect with instant onset time, broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect aiming at bacteria, fungus and various drug-resistant strains

Sodium alginate

Inhibit bleeding, promote healing and
synergistically act with Ag2+ for
antimicrobial effect

Ag2+and sodium alginate compound effect

Control Infection

Bactericidal rate is 99.9% in 2 minutes, broad-spectrum antibacterial, against resistant strains; effective for multiple bacterial infections

Strong Bactericidal
Killing rate to staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa is 99.9% in 2 minutes
No drug resistance
Physical antibacterial, induce apoptosis The adsorption of positive charge of silver ions and negative charge of pathogenic microorganisms, destruction of bacterial respiratory enzymes, caused by intracellular enzyme system irreversible reaction, which quickly kill pathogenic microorganisms
Broad-spectrum Antibacterial
Include MASA, multi-drug resistance, acinetobacter baumannii, other resistant bacteria and fungi, anaerobic bacteria, etc.

Promote Healing

Inhibit bleeding: relieve pain, promote wound healing and reduce scar formation

Inhibit Bleeding
Sodium alginate has decent antimicrobial ability and film-forming property with purified water helps to significant pain alleviation.
Promote Healing
Complex of Ag2+ + sodium alginate will inhibit the excessive fibroblast proliferation to prevent scar formation

Acute wounds

e.g. surgical incisions, acute wounds, etc.

Surgical incisions

Accidental traumas, acute wounds

Chronic wounds

e.g. diabetic foot, venous leg ulcers, pressure sores, etc.

Diabetic foot

Sacrococcygeal pressure sores

Left lower extremity venous leg ulcers

Simple use, easy for patients to self-care

Liquid formulation, easy access to deep wound