Tencel Fibre

Wood fiber from the tropical rainforest, woven by unique technology

Core Components: highly active silver ion is combined with Tencel fiber


Silver ion

Tencel fiber

Confirmed by many experiments

Killing rate of the wound dressing on Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other microorganisms is 99.9% in 15 minutes

Sodium alginate


Permeability of bacteria
Sustained release of silver ion
Long-lasting strong antibacterial

No conglutination

Pain-free dressing change, care-free dressing filling for deep wounds
Unique weaving technology to prevent over-granulation


First debridement
To fill

Moist Dressing

First debridement
To Moist Dressing

Create a good wound healing environment

Postoperative incision dressing
Burn wounds
Acute wounds (scratches, cuts, open wounds of extremities, etc.)
Perianal wound filling
Skin grafting area
Skin grafting wound bed preparation
Delayed healing wounds
Chronic wounds: diabetic foot, venous leg ulcers, pressure sores
Cavities filling: nasal cavity, wounds