Core Components:Ag2++Sodium alginate

Physical antimicrobial effect with instant onset time,
broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect aiming at bacteria,
fungus and various drug-resistant strains

Sodium alginate

Inhibit bleeding, promote healing and synergistically act with Ag2+ for antimicrobial effect

Ag2+and sodium alginate compound effect

Patented Technology:Complex effect, long-lasting antibacterial

Strong Bactericidal

Strong bactericidal, promote tissue repair and regeneration

Weak Acidity of PH Value

Maintain a vaginal PH value, protect normal flora

More Care for Women

Bacterial vaginosis
Candida vaginitis
Senile vaginitis
Vaginal mixed infection

Treatment of vulvitis caused itching,
abnormal leucorrhea,
genital odor and other symptoms

Treatment of mild or moderate cervical erosion

Promote healing of severe cervical erosion after physical treatment

Auxiliary treatment of mycoplasma and chlamydia in the genitourinary tract