Core Components:Ag2++Sodium alginate

Patented Technology:Complex effect, long-lasting antibacterial

Physical antimicrobial effect with instant onset time, broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect aiming at bacteria, fungus and various drug-resistant strains

Sodium alginate

Inhibit bleeding, promote healing and synergistically act with Ag2+ for antimicrobial effect


Prevention and treatment of oral infections
Eliminate oral odor
Reduce incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia
Reduce formation of thick and greasy fur
Relieve rhinitis, sinusitis symptoms
Promote rapid healing of oral ulcers after chemotherapy

Applicable People

Infection prevention for tooth extraction operation
Patients under fasting, high fever, coma or critical conditions
Postoperative patients under fasting for over 6 hours
Patients with indwelling gastric tube
Patients with enteral nutrition tube and cannot feed directly through mouth
Oral mucosa treatment after chemo/radiotherapy

Applicable People

Various oral infection
Gingivitis and periodontitis
Acute/chronic pharyngitis
Glossitis and angular cheilitis
Oral ulcer

Simple use, easy for patients to self-care

Liquid formulation, easy access to deep wound

Spray directly into wound inside the mouth

Spray directly into wound inside the nose