Core Components:Ag2++Sodium alginate

Patented Technology:Complex effect, long-lasting antibacterial


Physical antimicrobial effect with instant onset time,
broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect aiming at bacteria,
fungus and various drug-resistant strains

Sodium alginate

Inhibit bleeding, promote healing and synergistically act with Ag2+ for antimicrobial effect

Ag2+and sodium alginate compound effect

No Drug Resistance

Broad-spectrum antibacterial, not easy to produce drug resistance

Strong Antibacterial
Physical Antibacterial – less cytotoxic to tissue, Small irritation, which will help wound healing, Long-term application does not produce drug resistance
Broad-spectrum Antibacterial
Include MASA, multi-drug resistance, acinetobacter baumannii, other resistant bacteria and fungi, anaerobic bacteria, etc.

Control Infection

Relieve pain, promote wound healing and reduce scar formation

Inhibit Bleeding
Sodium alginate
Promote repair
Relieve pain
Promote Healing
Complex of Ag2+ + sodium alginate will inhibit the excessive fibroblast proliferation to prevent scar formation

Applicable People

Radiation injury

Viral skin disease (herpes simplex, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, etc.)

Bacterial skin disease (impetigo, folliculitis, etc.)

Fungal skin disease (hand-foot tinea, corporis and cruris tinea, etc.)

Allergic skin disease (Acute, subacute, chronic eczema, etc.)

Debridement, dressing change and promote healing of ulcerative infection skin diseases

Infant hip eczema

Adult incontinence dermatitis

Otitis media

Fungal ear canal inflammation

Safe without irritation, applicable to infants

Newborn hip eczema

Picture one

Picture two

Picture one is before use, the baby's hip have a large rash, accompanied by minor skin lesions,Picture two is a significant improvement in the baby's hip after one day's use

Simple use, safe without irritation


Incontinence dermatitis evenly sprayed on the affected area

Spray therapy for beriberi