Core Components
Ag2+ + Sodium alginate

Patented Technology

Complex effect, long-lasting antibacterial


Physical antimicrobial effect with instant onset time, broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect aiming at bacteria, fungus and various drug-resistant strains

Sodium alginate

Inhibit bleeding, promote healing and synergistically act with Ag2+ for antimicrobial effect

Ag2+and sodium alginate compound effect

Silver Ion Colloidal Spray

Treatment of various infected wounds
Prevention of wound infection
Pretreatment and auxiliary treatment of skin diseases


Anti-infection is more effective, the rate of killing
various microorganisms, such as staphylococcus
aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa, is 99.9% in 2 minutes


Silver Ion Colloidal Spray

Prevention of surgical incision infection and promoting healing
Treatment of infected wounds
Pretreatment and auxiliary therapy of bacterial and fungal skin diseases


Weak acid environment promotes the formation of weak acid protective film in skin

Specification:35ml 60ml

Oral Spray

Oral infection
Acute and chronic gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases
Promote the repair of damaged oral mucosa to help the healing of oral ulcers
Nursing before and after oral surgery

Strong Bactericidal

Strong bactericidal, promote tissue repair and regeneration, remove oral odor, relieve pain


Silver Ion Colloidal Gel

Would infection and chronic ulcer caused by all kinds of pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.)
Prevention of surgical incision infection
Interdigitate infection, anal gland infection, scrotal infection
Treatment of local skin diseases for dogs and cats

Lasting Strong Bactericidal

Lasting strong bactericidal, refreshing wound, promote tissue repair and regeneration


HVHa infection control for dogs and cats