Patented technology-optically condensation micelle fiber:super-refined fiber

handfeel without stiffening
or laddering.

in addition,it’ s also washable and
durable that remains soft

durability is over three times to
general cotton products.

With excellent coarseness of merely one tenth
of common cotton fiber,its air permeability
is equivalent to silk while

mildew resistant as well as
strengthened bacteriostasis

Other specialized properties include
strong absorption, easy dehydration

Main Features for SSRKTM Self-stick Elastic Bandage:

Optically condensation micelle fiber
skin-friendly,ventilate,soft, moisture absorptive and non-allergenic
Pressure injury free
There is no pressure damage
easy operation
Rip cutting for easy fixation without clips or paste tapes
More environmentally friendly
Structural self-stick and free of glue to achieve better enviro

Comparison of Self-Stick Elastic Bandage and ordinary bandage

Gauze bandages
Compared with gauze bandages, firm pasting after 48h without an
Other elastic bandages
Compared with other elastic bandages, easier to operate, pressu


External wound fixation

Venous ulceration of lower limb wound


Before application

Simple rip cutting that applies without scissor

Easy fixation without any adhesive tape

Bandage completion

Firm pasting after 48h without any edge curl, burring or breaka

Target Group

transfusion fixation
plaster/solint fixation
External wound fixation
hyperbaric therapy:
venous ulcers
Scar adjuvant therapy
Hemostasis by compression
in various kinds of
skin grafting operation
osmidrosis surgery
plastic surgery
adjuvant therapy in
exercise-induced injuries:
acute sprain
joint injuries