Patented technology-optically condensation micelle fiber:super-refined fiber


Cotton quality 1/10


Silk equivalent


3 times of ordinary cotton goods

No breeding bacteria

High adsorption capacity, easy dehydration, mildew resistance

Soft handle

After washing the same hard spinning

In conclusion, this self-stick and user-friendly
bandage product offers superior comfort, ventilation and close fitting.

SSRKTMMain charters of Self adhesive postpartum staylace

Optically condensation micelle fiber
skin-friendly, ventilate, soft, moisture absorptive and non-allergenic
Roll type
easy to fit body
Easy type and easy to use
easy operation
Rip cutting for easy fixation without clips or paste tapes
Environmental protection material
care maternal health and ensure the safety of baby

Self adhesive postpartum staylace VS Ordinary postpartum staylace

SSRKTM Self adhesive postpartum staylace is skin friendly,comfortable,breathable
safety,easy to use and non allergenic better than Ordinary postpartum staylace

Main effects

Reduce abdominal wall tension
Prevent visceral ptosis / Promote uterine contraction

Prophase of use Support the abdomen to prevent sagging

Metaphase of use Recover body shape healthily

Anaphase of use Fixed fat Uniform stress

How to use

1.Lying flat,knees flexion,sole of foot leveling,hips up.Push the visceral and abdominal fat to the direction of the heart,drooping organs back in situ; 2.Pull out the bandage and enlace from the upper pelvis,winding up spirally tightening. 3.For the last five laps,reduce the strength,reduce the number of stack layers,each circle differs in about 2cm,winding until the thoracic diaphragm at(below rib edge),finally smooth out don't need adhesive tape or pins and others to fix on.